Sunday, November 25, 2012

So you "say" you want to be Successful...?


Watch this six minute video, take notes, and draft a written one minute (1:30 min max) speech on what specific DECISIONS and ACTIONS you need to make for YOU to be SUCCESSFUL....

Do not just write the stereotypical comments: " I need to apply attention in my homework....etc." BE SPECIFIC on the DECISIONS and ACTIONS ...

You will give the short speech in class (participation) today and your homework is to post your short speech in the Comments section of this blog, include your name and period (for example: Cadet Smith, Period 2) in the beginning of your comment (written short speech).

If you have any questions ask me in class.


  1. Cadet Folston, Period 7)

    The decision I need to make in order to be successful is to set goals such as enlisting in the U.S. Army and obtaining education and experience in mechanics. This path will help me towards achieving my ultimate goal in owning my own auto shop.

    I think in order to be successful is you have to put heart into something, and have to want it. To get to that goal you have to put down all childish things and idols such as cell phones, games, and TVs. When you want to be successful, you will do anything for that achievement, even if it means death or being homeless. It’s always easier to take a cab or bus to work instead of running or riding your bike for exercise( if you’re trying to lose weight) on the way to work. You can’t let your fears stand in the way of you fulfilling your dreams. Goals doesn’t always mean about sports or working out, you can also refer it to education, the willingness to sacrifice time, and or Determination.

  2. Cadet Krogh, Period 2

    I am my biggest enemy, I slack, I goof off.But now, starting right now I will target my goals with the intensity of a thousand suns. I will obtain the grades by analyzing problems and knocking htem out. I will work until my body gives out on me, for the betterment of my future.

    Long nights await me, long runs await me, long rows await me. Stomach aches and blisters are just signs that I'm getting closer to Annapolis. I know if I seriously commit and do everything in my power, fair and unfair, to achieve the greatness i want. I will make the river, the track, and the desks my place.

    Ready or not Naval Academy, Here I come.

  3. Cadet Gomez, Period 6

    How hungry am i for success? I'm not the type of student to settle for an average grade. I admit it, I'm a grade grubber. My biggest need this year is my Human Anatomy and Physiology class. I will become a doctor one day, and this class will determine if i will succeed in the medical field. Fear has never got my goals because the only fear that can ever enter is my parents being ashamed or not proud of me.

    When i feel exhausted i dont stop, because knowing that all my sacrifice, time, and no sleep will pay off in the end.

    How hungry am i for success? More than anyone can comprehend..

    Ready or not 11 years of college, here i come..

    Future Dr. Gomez :)

  4. Cadet Singh, Period 7

    I think most people say they want success but are not able to show or do what is needed to achieve want they want. Anyone can say they want something but you need character to do do it.

    How bad do I want to be successful? I know being successful is no stroll in the park, but to achieve what I want I must put time and 100 % effort into what I need to do. I think that change is necessary, change must start as soon as possible.

  5. (brandon cruz pd 7 )
    For myself to become successful i must make the right desisions in life.instead of myself "oh ill do that homework later" i will do it now and not waste my time with stupid nonsense like video games.i have to get serious about my academics. i have to want to be the best, i will not settle for last. In life i want to be a lawyer in life and that takes serious dedication and counless hours of schooling. I have a hunger for this.the journey to achieving this goal starts today.graduating highschool isnt the last stop for me i plan on going on to college. becoming a lawyer is one of my biggest dreams i will not give up.

  6. Cadet Rainone, Period 7

    To be successful I have to dedicate myself better to the objective that I want to achieve. I usually say to myself that I can set it off till later. But from now on I have to stop that. After i graduate I want to join the National Guard. I know it is no easy task, but nothing in life is easy. I have to dedicate myself to my goal. I have to make failure not an option and push myself to my absolute limits. If not, failure will catch up to me.

  7. Cadet Vacas, Period 4
    -straight from what i wrote in class-
    Theres a difference between the goals i would like to achieve and the goals the people around me would like to achieve. Everyday those differences grow smaller or bigger depending upon the choices and decisions i've already made or am about to make.
    I am young and wild and free. I am these things because i made the decision to not be able to look back and regret anything i did. This is not the way people around me would like for me to be.
    My potential is great and my expectations are even greater.
    But I learn from the people around me. I see the fear in everyone else's eyes. I dont have the same fears. Therefore i strive to push myself because i see the grand picture at the end.
    I am easily influenced by everything around me. I want to live an easy life and enjoy the people around me. This makes me weaker. But i will keep fighting through to be able to still see the clear goal at the end.

  8. Cadet Sanchez (Peroid 2)

    I have a dream, a goal, an ambition. It is an unquenchable thirst, a hunger, a need. However, I have a plan to accomplish it. I need to make preperations. Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual preperation whether it be through school, ROTC, my sport, my Church or Boy Souts. So by getting that high GPA, achieveing the highest rank, exceling in my sport, keeping my faith, and earning my Eagle Scout, my little goals, I myself am working towards mine own ambittion with a true conviction. But this plan will be executed in vain unless I make the commitment of a life time. Even if I do achieve my dream of being an airplane pilot, I can always do and learn more to become the best damn pilot the world has ever known. There is always something to learn and do, always. And for those who say otherwise, they are cheating themselves out of a dream the can come true and, as a result, just waste the potential of just one human life like a fire being extinguished. But not this little guy(me) in a world full of self-made giants.

  9. Cadet Walsh, Period 7

    In order to be succesful you have to not be afraid to start. Once you are started the effects will motivate you to keep going. During the hard work it takes to be succesful I will come across many obstacles. In order to overcome these I have to push myslef when I'm feeling sick or lazy, I have to come to school or finish the run even though it's not the easy thing to do. When I am succesful all the hard work and sacrfice I put in will finally pay off and will be worth it in the end. At times it may be painful like finishing a run or staying up late studying. But if I fight through the pain something else will take its place but if I quit I will always have regret.

  10. Cadet Yonkers (Period 2)

    My biggest problem is that I procrastinate way too much. I always put off important things saying that I will do them tomorrow, but when tomorrow comes around, it's still not done. I always wait until the last minute to do something that I don't particularly want to do. I used to be able to get by with being able to procrastinate with projects or homework but if I do that now, it really hurts my goals such as getting a good grade for that class.
    I need to be more committed to what i need to do to make sure I succeed and reach my goals. You can't be successful if you sit there and wait for something to happen because nothing will happen. You have to make it happen. I need to do whatever it takes to be able to be the best I can be.
    You should never quit early because once you do, it's a lot harder to get back to doing what you had originally set out to do in the first place.

  11. Cadet Bullock (Period 2)

    The decisions I make directly effect the actions I make to become succesful. To be succesful I have to believe in myself and be 100% dedicated. For example I want to be the winner of the FCIAC's for wrestling this year. To be succesful with that means I have to put in the extra work i need to and work and work "that much harder" in practice to achieve that goal. Success isnt the easiest thing to accomplish. Decisions play a major part in that situation. In school I slack often and it ends up biting me in the butt at the end of hte marking period. Some things I need to do to change that is to constantly remind myself what my goals are and think about my future. The extra time I take to goof around in class or hang out with my friends can be the time I can be the time I can ask extra questions or stay after school for extra help. I am my biggest enemy and only I can make myself succed.

  12. Cadet McLean Per. 7
    The specific things that I have to do in order to be successful would be to first decide on the goal/career that I want to pursue. I for one continue to waver and debate with myself what I truly want to do with my time once I graduate high school/college/. Once I pick the path that I think is right for me, I have to dedicate and commit myself to fulfilling that career and dream to become a professional at what I chose to do. I then have to tear down all my concerns and fears along the way and not allow my own fears to stop me from reaching my goals. In order to do this successful, I have to break through the barriers of exhaustion and overcome the power of laziness. I also have to learn how to become more comfortable with myself and my work, while overcoming my weaknesses in order to help myself get over my fears. Finally, I have to push myself and not allow myself to give up under any circumstance. I have to devote myself 100% to becoming successful in my career.

  13. Cadet Huerta Period 7
    To be successful you have to work hard and set your mind to accomplishing your goal. you have to be sure of what you want and you cant be doubting if you should give it your 100%. if you want to accomplish your goal you have to work as hard as possible. You cant say you want to be successful and then give up half way. the road to your success isn't going to be easy so you cant just give up because its "getting hard" you have to keep going because once your done you feel really accomplished. you also have to be willing to give up some things in order to reach your goal. For example I want to get my grades higher than they are now, so in order for me to do that I might have to give up a weekend with my friends so I can have more time to study. Another very important thing is to not limit yourself to certain things. Another example would be if you had a D in your class and then you went up to a B you should still strive to go for the A. You improved a lot but you should think that that's good enough. Try and be the best you can be and go for the higher grade. One of the things I have to work on is making sure that I do the things that I don't necessarily want to do because that can also bring you down when your trying to accomplish your goal.

  14. Cadet Gonzalez, J (Period 6)
    A lot of times i find miself being held back from success by the fear of dissapointment or failure. After watching this video i realizedthat there is no such thing as failure, it is only the absence of success. Being successfull to me means becing an overall good person and following my morals to the point, i want to be the dad my kids look up to. The first step twoards beginning this process is realizing and admiting all of my flaws. I am a very lazy and lethargic person, i also need to learn to prioritize alot better, most of the time i find myself doing this that are fun over things that im supposed to do and are more proactive and will have a bigger effect on my future. Another thing ihave to work on is strenthening my conscience and makiing that voice indside my head louder. I know that after i begin everything will start to come, in the video it said that "the process itself feeds on a fire". Another thing that i want to acmplish is not only reach my goals and be succesfull but keep going after that and continue setting higher and higher goals for myself, like BIG sean said "why make the sky a limit when it can be a point of view"

  15. Cadet Ronco (Period 2)
    Im not uncapable of doing homework or paying attention. Im just lazy. Where at times like this, adulthood is right next door, it time to decide will being on social networks help me later. Will thoses so called friends be there for me. Its time to apply myself and really ask myself did I actually give it my all or was I just sliding by with that C+ in World Literature class. When I know I am capable of so much more. As well as not just satisfying myself to what i could bring. It that time that Im marking my footsteps to what my future will bring tommorrow. It all starts from now raising my hand when I have a question regardless if it a stupid question if its bettering myself than it should not matter but it should mattter will it bring myself success.

  16. Cadet Bayles period 4
    (I didn't write a speech, just talking points)
    ·being successful-
    -applying to college now, no more waiting
    -participate in more sports and events to get experience with working as a team when I have to work with coworkers in the future
    -I don't want to look back saying I wish I did this or that
    -regrets won't help me with anything, and I'll only regret things if I make excuses,
    -"excuses are the tools of the incompetent" Derwin Hill
    -the decisions I make for what I do next year will determine the rest of my life, those decisions will be made in order for me to be successful

  17. Cardenas prd 7
    The pain my body feels the sweat and tears that run down my face when i am so close to giving up, closing my eyes and telling myself i can do it to suck it up and move on. The passion in wanting to succeed in become a firefighter is my food. You ask if i am hungry i can easily say i am starving. Every week, hour and countless workouts with my trainer just get me a little closer to where i have to be. Now am I uncomfortable or exhausted. Exhaustion is my drive if I'm not tired I'm not succeeding.5 less pounds and 2 less inches off my waist are nothing to where i have to be and as we all know it is only the beginning.To everyone else negativity is my motivation.

  18. Cadet Leon
    Period 2
    I need to stop being afarid of failing and just do more then my best beacuse i won't fail if i do believe in my self and try. The first step is to try and do what ever it takes for me to reach my goal of graduating with honors a step making me closer to being successful in my life. The easy way isnt the road im going to take because in the long run its going to kill me to look back and know i didnt do the best i know i could do. I never should give up beacuse i dont know what could of happened if i hadn't. The are many things one must give up to acomplish their goals. Even if it means i will need to work harder and sleep less, stay longer after school to get extra help. I need to really study until i know everything i need to know. To want something in life, to be successful in my future means i will not be around the people who waste my time and be with those who want to be something in life. I have wasted too much time on those who werent worth it. To say no to things that will kill me in life instead of making me a greater person. I dont care if it means i have to stop being on my phone 24/7 to stay awake to finish my homework, to know and set my mind to starting project early and not leavibg it to last minute because when i hand in that work i know i could have done better and so does the teacher. Just because i handed in the work doenst justice my self. I need to do better how do i expect to one day be yhe CO of the company if i dont set the right example. I will be in the national guard!

  19. Cadet Bolivar period 2
    In order to be successful, what must i do- well number 1 its not what i must do , but more so what i have too get done , real success isn't waiting around saying "oh well i'll do it later" bla bla bla , success waits for no one its either take the chance you have now' or let the chance pass you by along with everyone else,so with that being said this is what i believe will lead too my success.First off not following the crowd, but cutting my self off from what everyone else does in order to do whats best for my self , its more too it than just listening and watching, but truly understanding that i want whats best for my self, my life and for my future meaning i have to learn too push my self beyond my breaking point, past my limits letting go of what i want to do and start doing what i know i need too do , in other words sometimes we just have to not go out on those certain days , but stay in,- gather our thoughts and actually plan out our future . Now i understand that it wont be easy and that its a lot easier said than done , but i know if i truly put my mind , heart and soul into everything i do in my life , then there truly is no limit too what i can do, it all starts with 1 choice,and 1 person ,the person is me and my choice is too trust my self , believe in my self have faith in who i am and my abilities no matter how small they may be , realizing that they too like my self can also grow stronger. Success waits for no one , but what i believe is that it is for EVERYONE , true success is first being comfortable and successful within your ,i know it wont be easy so its a good thing im strong-the skies the limit , but i plan on going even further .

  20. In order for me to succeed in life I have to take action and stop limiting myself because sometimes I would tell myself I couldnt do what I know i could do. I have to do my best on everything I do even when my best is not enough. Me myself is my biggest fear because i dont know what i am capable of doing.I have to get ride of all my fears Just because i failed once, it doesnt mean i am going to fail at everything I just have to try again. Working hard on things will help me go farther in life and it can bring me success.

  21. Cadet Myrtil prd 4)
    Born and raised in Haiti, I know how difficult it is for kids to go to school and get good health. It is one of the reasons I always wanted to be a Pediatric Nurse, I know I have to work ten times harder to achieve this dream and that I'll have some difficulty along the path but I'm willing to go all the way because there's no way I'm going to be succesful wihout failure.

  22. Cadet Elguera Period 6

    The definition i think about when i hear the word "successful" is that in order to make that happen you have to try your hardest and not give up because hard work pays off at the end. I wanna succeed and in order for that to happen i have to do a few stuff like let go of people that bring me bad habits, not loose my temper towards other cadets, i need to stop slacking and get my work in school done, i wanna be a person that people look up to and i know that that if i focus on those things, one day i will be successful.

  23. Cadet Green-Younger period 4

    What i need to do to be successful is start highering my expectations. I need to put my all into everything i do and not just settle for half of my potential. I need to worry about what is going on in the class room and not worry abou what otheers are doing or saying. becoming a good leader starting by telling my friend to do there work or be quite. I need to study more and stop makin excuses for my bad grades and just step it up. I if i want something in life i need to go get it because if not the next person will and thats just how it is.

  24. always keep my head held high, im working hard everyday to succeed to become a police officer i block out all the negativity and take in all the positive from my family friends and the people i consider family from the police explorers, never give up i go out and do something if i fail i just get right back up and try again until i get right, i want to succeed i want to reach my dreams and be a police officer and im going to do it no matter how long it takes or all the blood sweat and tears ill have to fight through but i am going to reach success in my life and be who i want to be and nothing will stop me.

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  26. Cadet Gaines Period 4

    I don't think that I have ever had a personal success. What I mean by that is that I don't know what I really want in the future, and I have never really achieved a goal that I have set by myself. I have had success in ROTC by accomplishing whatever task that I am assigned, but when it comes to my own future, I don't know what I want from life, and I don't really think I want anything from it. I had successes before, but the end goal was never achieved by myself in the end. It's easy for me to do something. As it is to accomplish it. But it is setting my own goals and sticking with something that is a challenge because i frequently lose interest in my own personal goals and usually put other's goals above mine. I have no wants, no needs, no real goals, and no drive. So I don't really know what personal success is.

  27. Cadet Hincapie, period 4

    If you ever want to be successful, you have to work hard for it. You will never become successful if you just wait for it to happen. You have want it badly and try your hardest to achieve it. I know this because I have been successful before, by trying my hardest. My sophomore year was the year, in which I had my lowest GPA ever. I told myself that I would work hard, but I did not want success as badly. I always ended up doing my homework and studying for quizes or tests on the last minute. Sometimes, I ended up not even doing it. At the end of the year I was very upset with my final GPA. I decided to change that. I decided to try my hardest junior year and do the best I can. After my junior year was over, I realized how much all the hard work payed off. I had gotten the highest GPA's I had ever gotten, 2 quarters in a row. I went from being rank 219 sophomore year, to being rank 47 junior year. I decided to apply the same method to my senior year. Even though this first quarter I got a GPA that most people would consider good, and is in the high honor range, I was not satisfied with it. It was lower than my GPA last year and the reason was because I did not try hard enough. I will work a lot harder than I did last year so I could be even more successful than I was last year and so I could reach my goal.