Sunday, November 25, 2012

2012 Chain of Command for Cadet Knowledge

QUICK OVERVIEW:  In a military context, the chain of command is the line of authority and responsibility along which orders are passed within a military unit and between different units. Orders are transmitted down the chain of command, from a higher-ranked individual, such as a commissioned officer, to lower-ranked personnel who either execute the order personally or transmit it down the chain as appropriate, until it is received by those expected to execute it. In general, military personnel give orders only to those directly below them in the chain of command and receive orders only from those directly above them. A service member who has difficulty executing a duty or order and appeals for relief directly to an officer above his immediate commander in the chain of command is likely to be disciplined for not observing the chain of command. Similarly, an officer is usually expected to give orders only to his or her direct subordinate, even if it is just to pass an order down to another service member lower in the chain of command than said subordinate.

  1. President of the United States (POTUS)                 President Barack Obama
  2. Vice President of the US (VPOTUS)                      Vice President Joe Biden
  3. Secretary of State (SECSTATE)                            Honorable Hillary Clinton
  4. Secretary of Defense  (SECDEF)                           Honorable Leon Panetta
  5. Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV)                          Honorable Ray Mabus
  6. Chairman of the the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS)      General Dempsey, USA
  7. Chief of Naval Operations (CNO)                          Admiral Greenert
  8. Commandant of the Marine Corps (CMC)              General Amos, USMC
  9. Chief of Naval Education & Training                       Rear Admiral Quinn
  10. Commander of Naval Service Training Command    Rear Admiral Steindl 
  11. Area Four Manager  (A4M)                                   Commander Hankins
  12. Senior Naval Science Instructor (SNSI)                  LtCol Killackey, USMC
  13. Naval Science Instructor (NSI)                               Chief Pascoe
  14. Cadet Company Commander                                 Cadet Lieutenant Commander Bayles
  15. Cadet Executive Officer                                          Cadet Lieutenant Lenard
  16. Cadet Company Chief                                             Cadet Senior Chief Cardenas
  17. Cadet First Platoon Commander                            Cadet Ensign Gaines
  18. Cadet Second Platoon Commander                        Cadet Ensign Del Cid
  19. Cadet Third Platoon Commander                            Cadet Ensign Ronco

Pictures of Chain of Command: 

1. POTUS  President Obama

 2.  VPOTUS: Vice President Biden

 3. Secretary of State: Honorable Hillary Clinton

 4. SECDEF: Honorable Leon Panetta

5. SECNAV: Honorable Ray Mabus

 6. CJCS: General Dempsey
7. CNO Admiral Greenert
8. CMC  General Amos
9. Chief of NET Command: Rear Admiral Quinn

10. CDR, NSTC: RDML Mewbourne
 (pictured as a Navy Captain)

11. Area 4 Manager   Commander Hankins
12. SNSI   LtCol Killackey, USMC Retired
13. NSI  Chief Pascoe, USN Retired

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  1. Hey colonel! Gaines is the commander to second platoon not first!