Sunday, November 18, 2012

End of First Marking Period Reflection

Purpose of Reflection: As the teacher I feel it is importance for you, the student, to assess yourself, your peers, and yes even the teacher.The ability to analyze yourself and others is critical to any team (class, sports team, business, family) if it seeks to learn and improve its performance. "Looking in the mirror" is important, as is showing others your perspective and being open to their perspective.

Here was the class assignment for Thursday and if needed to complete Friday.

1. What Did You Learn this Marking Period In This Class?

2. Self Grading and Peer Grading (A, B, C, D, F)

A. What Grade Would You Give Yourself in NJROTC this marking period? Why?

B. What Grade Would You Give Your Classmates and Why? (Also include any advice you would give them.)

Cadets Overall Grade Political Commercial Grade

List of Peers to Evaluate.....

Example:    Albert Smuckatelli           B / F :  He turns in his homework, but he doesn’t contribute in class much. He didn’t do any research for the commercial and someone else did his work for him..... He needs to take school more seriously, because he is always goofing around.

3. What Could Your SNSI Have Done Better This Marking Period To Make the Class Better? (Be candid = Be Negative. I am looking for ways to improve so if you think I can or should do something better tell me.)  

I will collect the results and brief the individuals and the class. I am interested in your thoughts associated with the picture inserted, do you agree with that comment or not, please comment.

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