Monday, January 12, 2015

Subjectivity vs Objectivity: Post Grand Jury Perspectives

  • Subjectiveplacing excessive emphasis on one's mood, attitudes, and opinions.  

  • Objectivenot influenced by personal feelings, interpretations, or prejudice, based on facts, unbiased.

Overview: As the situation in Ferguson, Missouri has developed many sides have a subjective opinion of what happened and who is right or wrong in this highly reported national level incident. Some are of the opinion that the local police gunned an unarmed innocent person down? Others are of the opinion that a police officer responded to the report of a crime and confronted a suspect who attacked him and struggled for the police officer's gun, the suspect was killed in the process. 

Many await the results of the Grand Jury to determine a more objective determination. The variety of perspectives offered are for open and balanced discussion utilizing this situation as a vignette for seeking to determine subjectivity versus objectivity.

The link below has the Grand Jury Transcripts from Ferguson, MI.

Ferguson Grand Jury Transcripts

Here are some perspectives following the Grand Jury Verdict clearing Police Officer Darrel Wilson of any legal wrongdoing in the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. 


Cornel West

There were different responses to the Grand Jury decision.

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