Thursday, January 22, 2015

Let Us Take A Look At Some Personal Stories of Survival

Yesterday, we were introduced to the concept of survival and a brief discussion of some of the key elements of survival. You were formed into groups and developed your own group definition of what survival is. (See the comment section from the previous blog post). 

Orientation to the video and the associated homework: We are going to look at a story of two young men who were stranded in the Canadian wilderness. They had experience being in the woods and a adequate amount of skills and equipment. They were confident in their abilities. Watch this video and I want you to take notes during the video viewing and afterward your homework is to make a comment today or tonight in the blog post comment section. 

Homework Questions to post in the Comment Section of this Blog Post: 

Question 1: What was their plan for their wilderness outing? 

Question 2: Where they properly trained and equipped for this trip?

Question 3: Describe what happened to them which they didn't expect or plan for?

Question 4: What planning and preparation could they have conducted which would have helped them minimize the risk and increase their changes of survival?

This is due tomorrow.


  1. Question 1: What was their plan for their wilderness outing?
    -Their plan was to come to their destination from a seaplane and camp for 48 hours.

    Question 2: Where they properly trained and equipped for this trip?
    No they were not, for example one of the guys were talking about their tent collapsing and possibly blowing away. They were not prepared for the weather that was to come. If that was the case they would've had a better tent that could was able to withstand such weather. They also forgot to bring in the satellite phone during the storm, which caused their only source of communication to get them out of there, useless since it's broken. Also you can tell they were not trained because one of the guys decided to eat wild peas which caused the guy to throw up and get sick. Someone well trained would've known the difference between wild peas and edible peas.

    Question 3: Describe what happened to them which they didn't expect or plan for?
    -One conflict that happened was that their satellite phone was destroyed so they were not able to contact the pilot to pick them up. The pilot had a two day window, for the guys to contact him. If they did not contact him, the pilot automatically assumed the men would stay a week more. Also they expected to be picked up by day 6 and they never were picked up!

    Question 4: What planning and preparation could they have conducted which would have helped them minimize the risk and increase their changes of survival?
    -They could've prepared for many different types of weather conditions... That was a huge factor in why they were stranded in the first place. Also they did not prepare enough food, they only prepared food good enough to last them 48 hours (what they thought they would stay). They also failed to bring medication in case of some type of illness or sickness. There was a point where both guys were sick!.

  2. Brendan Walsh
    Period 4

    Question 1

    Their plan was to fly out to a designated camping area via seaplane. They were then planning to stay for 48 hours and be picked up by the same sea plane at the end of the two days.

    Question 2

    They were not properly prepared and trained. While it seemed as if they had made the same trip in the past they were still underprepared and undertrained. They should have known not to leave the satellite phone in the rain. They should also have invested in a case to protect the satellite phone from hazardous conditions. If they had been properly prepared they would have brought extra food in case of emergency. They also should have brought a map of the area should they need to navigate.

    Question 3
    Their satellite phone was ruined by a rain storm which they were not expecting. There was only a 10% chance of rain so they figured they would be fine.

    Question 4
    They could have brought more food, a map, another way of communicating and a weapon to use for hunting. This would allow them to sustain themselves longer. Some type of water purifier would also be helpful since they were camping near a vast water supply.

  3. Question 1
    Their plan was to fly out in the Canadian wilderness to get dropped off and camp for 2 days. After the two days, they would call the pilot to pick them up.

    Question 2
    They were properly trained and equipped for the trip they had planned on doing. They were ready for the 2 day trip, but when the situation turned bad, the were not ready.

    Question 3
    Their satellite phone was destroyed in a thunderstorm.

    Question 4
    They could have gotten a map of where they were going and studied the surrounding area. If the had done that, they would have known that the nearest tower was 72 miles away, not 10. They could have also brought more food to last them longer and another satellite phone.

  4. Sianna Suarez
    Period 2
    Question 1: Their plan was to arrive on the island with all the provisions necessary for 48 hours and a way of communication to get home. which was that after 48 hours, they'd use the satalite powered phone to call their designated pilot and be picked up and return home safely.

    Question 2:
    No they were not well prepared. It seems as though they were too dependent on the pilot and the satalite phone going to plan that they didn't bother to think ahead in case something went wrong, which it did. Being they've been on the island before, they should've coordinated a backup plan in case either the phone didn't work or if the pilot couldn't be reached. Maybe have a map of the area or talk to the locals to get a better idea of what to do in case the plan failed.
    Question 3:
    The men relied on the satalite phone as their only way of contact with the pilot, so when the phone was destroyed by the rain, they were left without a plan. Not only did they miss the 2 day window with their pilot, they ran out of food and other provisions to stay alive like their water filter.
    Question 4:
    By having a back up plan in case Plan A failed, they could've maximized their chances of survival tremendously. Also, by having extra provisions and a map of the area, they wouldve been more likely to survive.

  5. Thomas Rainone
    Period 7

    Question 1
    Their plan was to be brought out by seaplane to the Canadian wilderness and camp there for 2 days. Then after the 2 days to be picked up by that plane.

    Question 2
    They were properly trained and equipped for the trip they planned on. They planned on going on a 2 day trip and had enough food and resources for that 2 day trip. They were also trained and equipped to last about a week. But after that week, no, they were not properly trained and equipped. They didn't have extra food and equipment to be able to survive for a long period of time. Their lack of training also showed when he ate the wild berries and didn't know if they would get him sick or not, which it did.

    Question 3
    They didn't expect to forget their satellite phone out in the rain and for it to be unusable. They didn't expect the storm to hit them because they thought they were going to leave before the storm hit them. They also didn't plan to be stuck on this island and need to survive for a long period of time.

    Question 4
    They could have double and tripled check to make sure they had everything they needed. They should have also brought extra food in case something like this happened, I would rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it. They should have also brought another satellite phone in case one broke, in their case it got wet and was unusable. Lastly they could have brought other survival tools such as weapons and equipment that can help them signal somebody or any other equipment to help them survive.

    1. Rene Bonilla
      Period 2

      Question 1
      Their plan was to just be on their outing for two days in and island in Canada and then use a satellite phone to call a the plane that brought them to the island back home.

      Question 2
      They were not properly trained or equipped for the trip because the didn't even have any first aid knowledge or even knew which plants were safe to eat, they also should've brought more food with them in case anything happened like them being on the island longer than expected.

      Question 3
      They didn't expect for their satellite phone to get damaged, they also didn't plan to get sick or hurt, and they definitely didn't expect to be on the island for more than two days without enough supplies.

      Question 4
      The first thing they could've done to help themselves was bring an extra satellite phone in case something happened to the other one and they could've packed enough food for more at least 5-6 days and also bring a flare gun with flares to signal anyone who could see them and go help them and they definitely should have brought a first aid kit to help with sickness or injury and last would be to check they had everything they needed before they left for the trip.

  6. Mechail Velmani
    period 2

    1. For the wilderness outing their plan was to stay in the wilderness for 48 hours and get out of there by using the satellite phone to call the pilot.

    2. I don't think that they were properly trained or equipped, they only had a knife and tents also they said that doing this was there third time so they experienced not trained.

    3. The things they didn't plan for was the satellite phone getting ruined by the rain so they couldn't contact the pilot to get them and if they didst call the pilot the pilot thought they will stay there for a week. they also didn't have enough food .

    4. I think they should have brought more food and a first aid kit with them, a extra satellite phone.

  7. 1. They have originally planned to stay out in the in the wilderness for only two days and then calling for help by using the satellite phone.

    2. They were not fully trained or prepared for this trip. While heading in they were not sure of their exact location, unsure of where the town, ranger camp, or where the tower they were for was. Not only that but they have forgotten about half of their rations going onto this trip.

    3. They did not expect the severity of the rain storm on the first night. Where there was hail, intense winds, and heavy rain. Not only that but they were not expecting for their satellite phone to be destroyed. Because of this they were no longer to call for help. And they were not expecting for rescue not to come on the fifth day.

    4. In my opinion I think they should have double checked their supplies before heading on this survival trip. And should have protected their phone better or covered it more to lessen the possibility of it being damaged or destroyed

  8. 1) They planned to stay for 48 hours and then go home the same way they arrived by plane.

    2) One of the men spoke of some form of training they had Minimal, and there was error in some actions but over all they handled it well, so they kind of sort of knew what they were doing. however they were not well equipped at all. He said they forgot half of their food.

    3) They were on a camping trip and their was a small possibility of a thunder storm. The thunder storm hit bringing winds and hail. They did not check anything before they went inside their tents and the phone they were supposed to use to get out had been left in the rain and ruined. So they became stranded in the Canadian wilderness.

    4)They should have gotten a map of the area, a hand book to the native plants, a small one only costs about 5$. Bringing extra food and water rations would have been safe. Basic medicines. Aspirin, a basic antibiotic. They should have also putting any electronics in a plastic bag would have been smart.

  9. 1. They were only supposed to be there for 48 hours to enjoy the weather and get some camping done. They were supposed to return home in the plane that they came in.

    2. They were properly trained one of the guys says he had been there 3 times before. However, they were not properly equipped because they didn't have enough iodine to purify their water and once they messed up their satellite phone there was no way for them to reach back for their plane ride home.

    3. One of them ate wild peas which caused him to get sick. The hail and rain storm made the find shelter and they forgot to bring the satellite phone inside the shelter with them. The other guy hurt his foot and that caused him to get sick.

    4. To minimize the risk and increase their chances of survival they should've kept the satellite phone inside the shelter at all times, packed apparel for rainy conditions, brought more iodine with them to purify their water, hunted for more food, and they could've brought a compass or a map of the place along the way.

  10. Fatima Navarro. Period 7.

    1. The plan was to stay in the area of the lake surrounded by Canadian wilderness for 2 whole days. Once the 48 hours were up they were to call though the satellite phone for the seaplane.

    2. They weren't well trained and prepared for the trip. The lack of not known their own location to the fullest and safety in which people could be at if they got injured or haven't been picked up was a big factor. Sure one out of the two of them has been on this trip numbers of times but with every small flaw could come with big mistakes. Sadly in their case the lack of double checking and ensuring that if things were to go bad they have a second plan.

    3. They had no idea of the severity the storm predicated to come would be of such strength. Between the heavy raining and intense winds blowing at them they had forgotten to cover and protect the phone in which was their only way out.

    4. Personally I believe that they should have double checked everything wither it is packing food that could last for a week even if they were to be there for on 48 hours or, knowing the coordination of where they were. Maybe they could have packed two phone instead of one but they never knew these things could effect them as much which is understandable to a point.

  11. 1. The two men planned a two day camping trip in the Canadian Wilderness, on the last day they where PLANING to be picked up at approx. 10:30am

    2. They where properly trained and equipped, they seemed to know what they where doing, hence why they made to approximately 2 weeks.

    3. The unexpected turn of events was the storm and heavy rain experienced on the first night, they left their Satellite Phone outside and it got damaged.

    4.A list of things you need should always be kept with you, preferably a mark off list. Bring in all equipment that must be sheltered and be sure to check list. This would have made the trip a success and even with the broken phone, they would not have forgotten the other half of food they planned to bring. What would have increased their chances of survival would have been to bring a book or a study guide( bought or created by you) that includes information about that particular wilderness's territory or environment, at least giving you an idea what to expect in a particular situation and possibly new ideas that could enable you to feed yourself, heal, re-pair you and those surviving with you. Even if you already know every page like the back of your hand.

  12. Robert Chavez Per. 7

    1. The main plan was for them to camp out by the lake for two days. after 48 hours, they were going to use their satellite phone to call in their plane to pick them up.

    2.They seemed to be somewhat trained. They knew what to do when the storm came and knew that they should try to eat as little as they could so they could have as much food as they can for the longest of time. I don't think they were fully prepared because obviously they quickly ran out of food and had to eat wild plants and a frog. if they had brought more food, they would have survived longer.

    3. On the first night a giant storm hit them and they had to stay in their tents. Little did they know that they forgot to bring in their satellite phone which they were going to use to call in their plane.

    4. i think they should have packed a lot more food. You never know what could happen where you could lose some of it or whatever. food is one of the main things that was the key to their survival. second, they should have had a second phone. Its always good to have a back-up in case anything happens to the first one, and in this case it got wet during the storm.

  13. 1.Their plan was to reach a camp side from a seaplane and camp next to the ocean for 48 hours.
    2. They were poorly trained due to the fact that some of there tactics just werent helping them like having there tent keep falling down, and breaking there only means of connection with nature shows the careless ness and lack of training. Were they well prepared yes enough to get by but not enough to cover all things that could go wrong.
    3.They didn't plan for the connection to there pilot to be lost. They had a 48 hour window that they missed which lead to what they thought was a full week trip, but even then the pilot didn't seem to have ever show up for the two men. leading to the what most likely is the death of these to campers.
    4. They should have better prepared first off by researching the environment they were going to be and prepared for a situation where they might have to live off the land. A first aid with medication to cover cases such as illness cuts, anything minor can turn into a major situation over a couple of hour in the wild.

  14. 1) Their plan for the trip was to go to canada for 48hrs and video record themselves how to survive in the wilderness if yu get stranded.

    2) I personally think no they weren't properly, prepared for survival, because they didnt pack enough for for just in case situations nor didnt have a backup plan. Not even flares.

    3) they didn't expect to stay longer than two days. Nor did they expect to have their satellite phone not work anymore nor didn't expect to run out of rations.

    4) They could of tooken more classes on survival and classes on what to do when your out stranded for more than 2 days. And also they should of had a back up crew or easy to access boat or had a camera crew with them.

  15. 1. there plan was to stay camping in a 2 day trip in the Canadian wilderness just to be able to experience what survival in the wilderness was. the last day they planned on using their signal device to get picked up . my opinion , yes they were properly trained and equipped for the trip but they only had 2 days worth of supplies but it didn't go as expected because there plan was to stay for 2 days only.
    3.what occurred to them was that on the second day there was a big storm and they accidentally left there signal device outside and it got soaked with water so their only way to get out was ruined. now they had no idea when they were going to be rescued and they had to wait a week or so until the rescue crew came .
    4. the planning they could have made was either have more food supplies just in case something happened or have another way to contact the rescue crew such as a spare signal device.but if they had more supplies they probably wold have survived longer.
    - julian martinez

  16. 1. Their plan was to have a two day camping trip in the Canadian wilderness. They were suppose to be picked up after the 48 hours were up.

    2. Even though they had the right things and also the right skills to survive. They still lacked some knowledge on how to survive in the wilderness. They still needed an expert to go with them to the camping trip.

    3. One thing that they didn't expect was to have a huge storm come at them and nearly destroy the majority of their materials. Which, includes their satellite phone getting damage and losing their connection with the pilot.

    4.Being in the wilderness, I would have kept in mind that anything could happen. First they should have at least carried medicine with them or some sort of a first aid kit with them. Second they did not check any information on the environment they were going to be in. Knowing information or things about the area they were in, would have helped them find food or at least be prepared to keep everything protected while the storm happen. In any case that a material gets damage they should have had backups. As well as, extra canned food and a lot more water.

  17. 1) their plan was to go to Canada for a 48 hour camping trip and have and air crew pick them up at 10:30 am

    2) I believe they were properly trained based on the way they handle certain situations but I don't believe they were properly equipped

    3) A couple of bad situations happened to them that im pretty sure that they didn't plan for . they got hit by a bad storm which in result destroyed their satellite phone which means they have no communication with the people who were suppose to pick them up. Also the fire tower that they thought was 10 miles away turned out too be 72!!!

    4) They could have taken more class how to survive in situations like that. brought an extra satellite phone just in case and also packed all their food.

  18. Amahd Y.
    1) The plan for these two men was to go to an island and spend 48 hours there camping out and filming the entire thing.

    2) These men were not properly equipped or trained for their trip. I feel like they may have had basic knowledge of what to do when you're out in thr wilderness, but not enough to survive being stranded. They also did not have the enough equipment like food, however they did have tools like a knife, tent, and clothing.

    3) While on their camping trip there was an unexpected storm that was a lot more severe then they had predicted. The storm brought stong winds, hail, & rain. During the storm the men unknowingly left the only device to contact the pilot to pick them up in the rain. This caused them to be on the island longer than they expected and now they didn't have enough supplies to survive.

    4) These two friends could've planned to bring extra food and to be more knowledgable of the vegetation growing out in the wilderness. They also could've increased their chance of survival by knowing there surroundings a lot better than they thought they did by studying prior to the trip.

  19. Period 2 Luis Ochoa
    1) Their goal was to go to Canada for 48 hours and a pilot would pick them up in 10 30 a.m. and try to get some footage how surviving the wilderness.
    2)I don't they were properly train for the trip because they didn't pack enough things is something was going to happen. They also didn't packed flares
    3)They were obviously not expected to stay there for more than 2 days and also there only way to get back home was the satellite phone but it broke in the rain storm.

    4)they could of took more lessons how to survive and hunt four food. they could have brought more food and equipment just in case. If they knew it the only way to get out of there was a satellite phone they should of brought an extra one just in case something happened to the first one.

  20. Rodriguez 4th period
    Q1. Their plan was to be dropped off out in the Canadian wilderness for 2 whole days then call back to be picked up.

    Q2. They were properly prepared for the 2 DAY trip they originally planned for, not for 7-8 days that it turned out to be. They also didn't think about the worst possible outcomes. Example- They leave the SAT phone out in a rain storm and they have no outside contact.

    Q3. Their satellite phone got destroyed in the rain storm on one of the first nights

    Q4. They could've studied events that turned out to be tragic to others, looked up the types of edible and nonedible food at their location. They should've over packed, Its always better to have a lot left over rather than too little and its gone quickly

  21. Bullock period 6
    1) The plan for these two men on this trip was to go camping out in the wilderness for two days.

    2) I believe the men were properly trained but only for their planned trip not for a worst case scenerio.

    3) The men got caught in a servere storm that they did not predict to happen and the storm destroyed their satellite phone which was their only form of communication.

    4)The men couldve packed more food just in case of a situation like the one that they were in and they couldve studied their area more for landmarks and to know what and what not to eat . Also they shouldve packed an extra battery for their satellite phone and packed more rations of food.

  22. They planned to be out for only a couple of days. They would be dropped off by seaplane, then picked up later when they contact using a sattilete phone. They packed enough food for a few days and had a lot of gear

    They seemed properly trained. I beleive that they might've been too confident. They took a lot of risks and had to pay the consequence, for example the poison peas.

    They lost their only way to contact the outside world. This caused them to be lost. They didn't have a backup plan so they were forced to wait and then ran out of food.

    If they had a concrete plan, and on top of that a backup plan then they would've been able to get out and back to civilization.

  23. Singh
    Period: 4

    1.The plan that these two men had was to go to the Canadian Wilderness for 48 hours, they were dropped off by a seaplane by a one way trip with an anticipated outgoing call to the seaplane for an extraction.
    2. The two men had done this twice before and were only anticipating to stay for two days but due to the loss of their "ticket out" their Satelite phone. Other than that they were not properly trained. They were not ready for the worst case senerio and or survival.
    3. These two men only planned to camp for 48 hours, the time period, the conditions, and their sat phone malfunction were all things that were not planned for.
    4. What they could've done is studied previous camping events that may have gone the wrong way just because that's a way to help your survival chances and would also hold your knowledge.

  24. Jahmerikah Green-Y.
    Period : 3
    1. The plan was to go to the Canadian Wilderness.They were dropped off by a sea plane. They wanted to go out for 2 days and call the pilot when the 2 days were over.
    2. They were not properly trained nor equipped. They did not have enough food and no phone.
    3. There was a storm and they forgot the phone was outside and got destroyed.
    4. They should have planned ahead so that they would've had food. could have brought another phone.

  25. Araujo
    Period 6
    #1 the plan was to stay 48 hours and have fun and enjoy and test there gear.
    #2 they where property trained and equipped i think yes and no because for two days only they were set for the trip beyond that they were tight.
    #3 they run out of food and died.
    #4 prepared and planning and conducting all came into factors when you are doing something like they were you would be died for sure.

  26. Bou-Chahine, Elias
    Period 6

    1. They were originally going to camp in the deep wilderness of Canada. They were going to enter and extract by a sea plane in two days.
    2. They were properly trained but not properly equipped to sustain themselves for longer than two days.
    3. Their SAT phone was destroyed by a heavy storm.
    4. They should have established check-in times with the pilot, packed topographical charts of the area, brought more than the bare minimum amount of food, and they should have had multiple forms of communication.

  27. Q-H Period 6
    The plan for the outing was to spend 2 days in the Canadian wilderness to enjoy the weather, fish and have a good time. They were trained well enough to safely "survive" the 2 day excursion. They knew how to set traps for frogs to get food when needed and they also knew about 2 types of wild peas, 1 was poisonous and the others were edible. They did not expect to forget half their food, they didnt expect to leave their satellite phone in the rain and it wouldnt work. They also didnt plan that they would get sick which takes away so much energy. Extra planning that could have done was to do an inspection of your gear and food to make sure it is sufficient for at least 2 days of food. The inspection will also allow them to see if they needed to add other or extra supplies, like an extra satellite phone or machete. Other preparation they could have done was research the area and bring a map that shows where possible outposts could be like cities or fire towers.

  28. Argenio Period 6
    Their plan for their wilderness outing was to go to the outskirts of Canada for two days to have a good time and enjoy it because it was their third time doing it. They were properly prepared for only being there 48 hours, nothing more. they were equipped but with limitations. They didn't expect the storm to be so brutal that it damaged and wet their satellite phone to signal their escape/ way out. This caused them to have to stay more time for an extra week before they thought that they would be picked up, limiting their survival. They could have planned for more protection if they knew that the storm was going to come. They could have let the pilot know not to come later than 2 days because they weren't prepared for more than that. In addition they could have let family members know that they would only be there for a certain time and to notify the company if they hadn't been picked up yet.Also, they could have been more aware and brought maps and coverage for the satellite phone.

  29. Michael Ragusa period 6

    Question 1: they're plan was too spend a good time in the Canadian wilderness for 2 or possibly 7 days, they also wanted to record it all. they had a pilot fly them out and they were going to call in 2 days to pick them up and if they didnt call they would stay a week.

    Question 2: They were prepared for 2 days, not 7 like they actually stayed for. they had no backup sat phone if it broke which it did. they had some training but not enough to survive in the wilderness for a week.

    Question 3: The sat phone broke because it was drenched overnight in a rainstorm. now they had no means of calling the pilot to pick them up in 2 days. this event truly doomed them.

    Question 4: They could have packed an extra sat phone or a extra battery for it in case this situation occurred. they also needed to pack much more food if they even thought they were going to stay for a week which they did. they also should have printed out a map and brought a compass.

  30. Veliz Period 6:
    Question one: Their wilderness outing was a 48 hour camping trip.
    question2: they were prepared for the 2 day but not for worst case scenerio
    question3: they're satellite phone was destroyed and they had to stay for more than two days. didnt have enough equioment.
    Question 4: They could have more food and equipment and back up tools. have planned for wosrt case scenerios as well.

  31. 1.Their original plan was to go for a camping trip at a Canadian wilderness for two days
    2.They were prepared for two days worth of survival but not for a longer time period. However, they were not trained too well to survive in such conditions. For example, they left the satellite phone out in the rain, they ate wild berries which caused them to get sick and forgot half their food back home.
    3.The rain came unexpectedly and drenched their satellite phone. they weren't expecting a shortage of food, water and energy.
    4. They could have packed more food, maybe pack another satellite phone or took more responsibility on taking care of it, and could have made better decisions on what they ate.