Thursday, October 23, 2014

Uniform Accountability and Prep Day for Drill, Appearance, and Knowledge

Today is a modified uniform day due to a change in the school schedule yesterday. Today we will set up three working stations:

  • Station 1: Squad Drill Evaluation Prep: Review each cadet being the squad unit leader for squad drill. 
  • Station 2: General Orders To Sentry Review: Review individually and collectively the first five General Orders to the Sentry. 
  • Station 3: Uniform Accessories Update: Cadets will notify the Supply Rep of the uniform items or accessories they are missing to include updating their ribbons. the Supply Rep will keep a detailed record and turn it into the SNSI. 

The Class Drill Peer Leaders from the previous day will be the station leaders. Cadets will be at each station for approximately 15 minutes. 

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