Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Mayor Needs Some Help...?

The Ebola Virus has become an issue internationally and within the United States. (This is a simulated scenario for this class) The Mayor is determining what his City's policy on Ebola prevention should be. More specifically, what should the city's concept of prevention and quarantine be? What other preventative measures should the city take? More specifically, if someone comes to Norwalk from one of the countries affected by Ebola how should Norwalk handle that? What should its policy on quarantine and Ebola prevention be? (Below are three short videos to give you some background on the Ebola virus, symptoms, and prevention to get you started on your knowledge build. Note: clicking on the hyperlink on the word quarantine will give you a basic understanding of that concept.) 

Classroom Task: We will form into three groups and develop Ebola prevention policy recommendations for the Mayor. Everyone takes notes on the group work and discussion. 

Group Leaders: 
Period 2: Rene, Tom. Sienna, and citizen Rep: Angelique.
Period 4: Brendan, Johanna, Christian, and citizen Rep: Jen and Josue.
Period 6: Nicole, Christian, Elias, and citizen Rep: Brian.
Period 7: Allan, Steven, Anthony, and citizen Rep: Tatiana.

Group Task A (Thursday)

  • Step 1:Determine what are the key questions your group needs to answer before you can determine what policy recommendations to make? 
  • Step 2: Find the answers to your own questions and then prepare a rough draft press statement. Below your Team Leaders are given a link to a Google Doc on which to put your statement. 
  • Step 3: Everyone in your group review the scanned articles on Ebola as it relates to public reaction and the guidelines some states are taking. 

Group Task B (Nov 3. Monday - Thursday): The Group Leader's will be tasked with placing input on a class Google document for this module. 

Team Leaders Click on the below hyperlinks to put your City Press statement on the document. 

Period 2 Link to Google Doc:  

Period 4 Link to Google Doc:  

Period 6 Link to Google Doc

Period 7 Link to Google Doc:

Group Task C: (Nov 7, Friday):  As per the directions on the scanned document (for group statement) coupled with all of the group collaboration (discussion, videos. scanned articles, self research) you have done has prepared each group to present their simulated Mayor's press statement and participate in the community Town Hall meeting on Friday.

Sequence: A Group presents their statement and the other groups ask questions in response to the simulated mayoral statement.

Then the next group presents and we follow this sequence

Group 1 Presentation: Groups 2 & 3 role play as citizens and designated citizen Rep will takes notes and prepare to ask questions during the Q&A period. 

Group 2 Presentation: Groups 1 & 3 role play as citizens and designated citizen Rep.

Group 3 Presentation: Groups 2 & 1 role play as citizens and designated citizen Rep.

Assessment: Individual Assessments of Group and Group Members. 


  • Learn more about the Ebola virus (causes, prevention, and intervention)
  • Consider the role of government in maintaining the collective health at the local, state, and federal level. 
  • Consider the issues associated with enforcement of a quarantine if the government deems it necessary. 
  • What are some of the considerations of the government in determining to isolate or quarantine its citizens. 

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