Thursday, October 16, 2014

Class Drill Competition

Today's Classroom Activity: Today in class we will be conducting unarmed (without a drill rifle) and armed (with a drill rifle) drill competition called IKO (Individual Knock Out). 

Description: IKO is a form of drill related "simon says" where a drill commander gives command and the classmates in formation have to perform the drill  movement promptly and accurately. Any mistake results in that cadet being dismissed from the small formation until only one person is left (the winner). Reverse IKO is the exact opposite resulting in a cadet who performs the drill movement properly being dismissed from the formation leaving the cadets in the formation who need the work on drill. Reverse IKO is also an instructional tactic to use if cadet intentionally make mistakes to not participate. 

Who is in charge: We will have the designated class leader coordinate with the NSI (Chief) to draw rifles to include in the IKO / Reverse IKO, since the SNSI is absent today. Class Leaders, you can rotate drill commanders for IKO but start out with class leaders for the event.

Class Leaders for this Event:
Period 2; Sienna
Period 4: Trevor
Period 6: Nicole
Period 7:  Mercy

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