Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Contest: Best Advice for First Year Cadets

There is a saying from a former German General named Bismarck which is "Only a fool learns from their mistakes, I will learn from the mistakes of others."  While we all certainly makes mistakes and hopefully learn from them, the intent of Bismarck's quote is to learn from others experience any time you can. This can help you avoid negative experiences or minimize them, and increase performance or accomplishments which is positive. Sometimes others offer advice and sometimes you ask for it. 

Classroom Activity: You will form into two cadet groups and you will develop a five minute verbal presentation centered on the following intent "What advice can I give a First Year Cadet?" This group task will last 5 minutes. You will present this in a future class. Use your imagination on making the best presentation. The best presentation will win the contest and give their presentation to a First Year Cadet class in the near future.  

Class Schedule:
Tuesday: Brainstorm, Outline, & Prep
Wednesday: Uniform Day and Inspection (remaining time can be used for collaboration.)
Thursday: Refine Presentation & Give it in Class.
Friday: Finish any remaining teams presentations if necessary

Your designated teams are listed below in the Comments section of the blog by class period. 

Good Luck. 


  1. Period 2 Groups: Luz & Elijah, Rene & Luis, Jesus & Tom, Shane & Erby, David & Guillermo, Jake & Dallas, Mechail & Sianna.

  2. Period 4 Groups: Brendan & Jahmerikah, Johanna & Jennifer, Josue & Preet, Roshad & Trevor, Sam & Christian, Helmuth & Alfred, Sergio & Louis, Justin & Kevin, Nico & Marcel

  3. Period 6: Jennifer & Nicole, Brayan & Michelle, Elias, & Joe, Arian & Dillon, Steven & Natasha, Amahd & Christian, Michael & Damian, Damaris & Patrick, Tyron & David

  4. Period 7 Groups: Plinio & Allen, Mercy & Anthony, Fatima & Joseph, Steven & Reid, James & Devin, Peter & Tom, Julian & Robert, Tatiana & Christopher, Team Carlos (1 person)