Monday, December 3, 2012

Peer Assessment for Group Project & Group Activity Business Rules

Learning to Work together in small groups is important for student centered learning and the ability to learn from your peers. The ability to work in small groups effectively as either a follower or as a leader are greatly sought after.

The maturity level and professionalism of the group members has a strong impact on how effective and efficient the group behaves and performs to complete their task. In comparison with an individual assignment, there is a tendency for students to relax, slack, and not take group activities or projects as an adolescent educational form of "playtime". Learning to deconflict or merge the varying personalities of a group cause some people to prefer to work alone. Learning to WORK with others is not the same as SOCIALIZING...or is it? You will be asked to assess yourself, your group peers, and to recommend some group project business rules or protocols to set a group activity/ project standard for the class. What is the best way for us to maximize the value of group activities

Tuesday TASK:

1. Post your self assessed grade (A,B, C, D or F) and the rationale for your grade in the comments section of the blog (Name, and period need to be concluded). Also post your recommended business rules for future class group activities and projects in the comment section as well.

2.  You will assess your group peers on a separate piece of paper to be turned into SNSI.

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