Sunday, December 16, 2012

Monday Cadet Knowledge Exam Dec 17

This is a Final Check to make sure you have your Cadet Knowledge repaired for the inspection on Dec 19th. There are 30 write in questions, once directed, take out a piece of paper, take the test and turn it in.  First Year Cadets only have to answer General Orders 1 thru 5. 

  1. President of the United States (POTUS)                
  2. Eleventh General Order
  3. Vice President of the US (VPOTUS)                     
  4. First General Order
  5. Secretary of State (SECSTATE)                            
  6. Tenth General Order
  7. Secretary of Defense  (SECDEF)                          
  8. Second General Order
  9. Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV)                         
  10. Ninth General Order
  11. Chairman of the the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS)     
  12. Third General Order
  13. Chief of Naval Operations (CNO)                          
  14. Fourth General Order
  15. Commandant of the Marine Corps (CMC)              
  16. Eighth General Order
  17. Chief of Naval Education & Training                      
  18. Fifth General Order
  19. Commander of Naval Service Training Command     
  20. Seventh General Order
  21. Area Four Manager  (A4M)                                   
  22. Senior Naval Science Instructor (SNSI)                  
  23. Naval Science Instructor (NSI)                              
  24. Cadet Company Commander                                 
  25. Sixth General Order
  26. Cadet Executive Officer                                          
  27. Cadet Company Chief                                           
  28. Cadet First Platoon Commander                           
  29. Cadet Second Platoon Commander                       
  30. Cadet Third Platoon Commander     

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