Monday, December 31, 2012

2013: Learn To Lead, Choose To Succeed (NSTC Commander's Video)

As 2013 starts a new year for Brien McMahon High School Navy JROTC program, our new Commander of the Naval Service Training Command reminds the student-cadet that YOU are the "Custodians of America's Future" just like you recite daily in the Cadet Creed. As you watch this video, I want you to think about what our Commander says to you and I want you to reflect what kind of cadet you are now, and what kind of cadet could you become...?  WATCH, THINK, REFLECT, and RAISE THE BAR on your behavior and performance.

RDML (Sel) Dee L. Mewbourne, Commander Naval Service Training Command challenges you to "Learn To Lead and Choose To Succeed"...will you accept the challenge...?

Are YOU going to "raise the bar" in your life (school, family, friends, work) or are you just going to "keep doing what you are doing" and hope for a different result...? 

Think about your individual performance in the recent Area Manager's Inspection held on Dec 19, how much effort and compliance to the standards did YOU put forth...?

Are you going to make this unit better or just remain the same...?


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