Sunday, December 16, 2012

Inspection Trends for the Pre-Area Manager's Inspection Dec 13

How this unit looks in uniform, demonstrates it's knowledge and character in and out of school or uniform, and performs in public (flag ceremonies, AMI, etc.) demonstrates who "WE" (Cadets, JROTC Instructors) are. We are a team and

These are my observations from the Dec 12 Uniform Inspection which is the last inspection before the Area Manager's Inspection on Dec 19th when Commander Hankins inspects our unit and program on behalf of the United States Navy.

Period 2: Overall Comment: Our goal has been "raising the bar" but today period 2 lowered the bar. I was not impressed with the lack of preparation for this inspection. As a class you lost considerable ground in your performance from previous weeks. The knowledge has been taught in class, is in your Cadet Reference Manual, and on the Senator's Cadet blog. As a class you didn't make the effort which hurts our unit's credibility and discipline. 

Observed Trends:

  • Knowledge of General Order 1 through 11 and Chain of Command was exceptionally weak. Some people didn't know who their NSI, SNSI, or Area Manager are??? (UNSAT)
  • The majority of cadet's shoes were not shined (UNSAT)
  • Ribbon Measurements are still off, especially from the top of the pocket and the first row of ribbons. The average was 1/3 to 1/2 of an inch vice 1/4 which is the standard. 
  • Most of the stars were skewed (tilted) or upside down. The tip of the star should face straight up. 
  • One cadet lost his shoes, second time he didn't have them and one cadet had white socks on????
  • Pre-Inspection 10 min prep not properly utilized: numerous irish pennants, lint on trousers, crust stain that could have been scrapped off. 
  • We can't wear unit medals (Top Gun Medal) for an AMI inspection.
  • Positive Comment: those who were missing ribbons and stars squared that away. The three most senior cadets looked outstanding and had great bearing - they set the example. 

Steps Taken
  • Inspection is a test and those not performing received a grade accordingly.
  • This period will have a detailed Knowledge Test on Monday. 
  • Cadet Chain of Command needs to address these shortcomings.  

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