Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Short Attention Span and Much Work Still To Do... How Can We Improve

It is pretty apparent that many students feel that school is over and the teacher's didn't get the memo...students openly trying to sleep in class...providing the answer "I don't know" when asked a routine question where they could provide input. These are all indicators that many students have lost the motivation to focus. There is only problem: SCHOOL IS NOT OVER YET and FINALS are right around the corner. 

Today, you will be organized into three groups to perform two tasks on a rotational basis for 15 minutes each:

CADET PARTICIPATION DISCUSSION TASK:  You will discuss how to improve cadet participation in drill, community service, and military ball. Feel free to reference the rubric you filled out. Designate one person to take group notes to capture your ideas on how to increase cadet participation. 

RUBRIC TASK:  You will be given a hard copy of the BMHS Personal Responsibility Rubric. I will conduct a quick overview. You will then review it and Self Assess Yourself. Based upon the time left available you can discuss as a group. 

Final Comment: Based upon time remaining we may conduct a class-wide review of the tasks. I will conduct your individual student rubric self assessments and your small group discussion notes. 


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