Monday, June 9, 2014

2014 Senior JROTC Final EXAM: Setting Yourself for Next Year College / Work Force


Failing to Plan is Planning To Fail.
Purpose: The purpose of this final examination for Senior Cadets is to create a financial planning product that will have relevance to your post high school plan for this upcoming fall. You should be able to use what you learn from this examination during the summer as you plan for the fall.

Pre-Exam Preparation: Spend time prior to the exam analyzing your future financial situation in the fall, consider the below expense factors (feel free to add any more you feel are relevant) and develop (synthesize) your financial plan.

Financial Expenses Factors for Fall 2014
  • Living Arrangements
    • Living at Home
    • Rent
  • Food
    • Make meals / cook
    • Eat Out / Fast Food
  • School
    • Tuition
    • Books
    • Room and Board
  • Transportation
    • Car
      • Insurance
      • Gas
    • Bus / Subway
      • Pass
  • Phone
    • Data Plan
  • Other Expenses
    • Medical
    • Dental
    • Prescription
  • Income Plan:
    • How will you earn money?
    • How will you pay for these expenses?

Your Final Exam: Based upon your pre-exam preparation above, you are required to conduct two graded tasks (one written task prior to the exam and one verbal task during the exam):
  • Pre-Exam Task: Complete a detailed two to three page Fall 2014 Personal Financial Expense Plan which include each category of expenses (Living Arrangements, Food, School, Transportation, Phone, Other: Medical & Dental) and how you plan on paying for these expenses. Turn this plan in during the exam to the SNSI.
    • You need to develop a spreadsheet which lists the expenses and your plan to pay those expenses as well.
  • Exam Task: Using your Fall 2014 Personal Financial Expense Plan, and associated spreadsheet to brief the SNSI on your personal financial plan for the fall. Ensure you address not only the specific expenses by category but how you plan on paying for each expense based on your required income as you will be assessed based on your ability to articulate your plan.


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