Thursday, January 30, 2014

Soliciting Your Inputs for TOPGUN (Interclass) Competition

Background. Every year our JROTC program conducts a competition between the classes. We merge a freshmen class with an upperclassmen class organized into a platoon. The TOPGUN (named after the US Navy Flying School) competition is designed to re-energize the cadets, build unit and class integrity, and for the cadets to have safe and organized fun with a purpose. Any effective organization solicits input from its members to ensure everyone's involvement and identify good ideas. That is what we are going to do today in class, before we solidify the TOPGUN schedule I want to harvest your input and ideas. 

Class Activities:  
1. Form into three small groups and discuss and brainstorm ideas for activities for 20 minutes. Everyone will take notes.
2. Near the end of class, each group will brief the class and provide a written copy of their suggestions. 
3. Make sure you are prepared for PT tomorrow for Friday and review the blog for the weekends homework. 

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