Monday, January 6, 2014

Cadet Leader You Have A Dilemma

SITUATION: You are a student cadet at BMHS and have four cadets assigned to you as their leader.

WHAT NOW STUDENT LEADER??? One of the cadets you are responsible for comes to see you first thing in the morning and is very upset and needs to talk to you. This cadet says he has been accused of leaving campus the day prior and participating in unauthorized activities while off campus during the school day. He says he is innocent. He said he needs your help very badly.  

GROUP ACTIVITY: Form into your assigned small groups and develop a plan of action of how you would determine if that cadet was innocent or guilty of what he is being accused of. 

  • Once the group members are designated, how should you organize your groups internally. 
  • What are the key questions you need to find the answers to?
  • What are the key tasks you need to accomplish to determine his guilt or innocence? 
  • What are the sources you will use to determine his guilt or innocence? 

Take 20 minutes to accomplish this activity? Will conduct a class wide small group discussion facilitated by the teacher


  1. Period 2 had three groups. One group established a process for everyone to contribute and the other two groups had more of a free flowing method of contributing to the "investigation". Some of the questions they developed were: What is the evidence? where is the proof? Who is his accuser? Some of the tasks were: Question witnesses, check school attendance records for that time period with follow up to those assigned teachers, check security camera footage.

    In general, they loosely developed a process, developed a questions, determined some tasks in order to determine their subordinates innocence or guilt.

  2. The other class periods followed similar to what period 2 did, however they seemed to keep good group notes vice individual notes. This is something that I will need to modify some assignments to ensure more individualized work and performance. This will allow me to assess their learning in a more professionalized manner. Balancing between group oriented student centered learning activities and assessment for individualized personalized leaning can be challenging.