Thursday, November 10, 2016

President Elect Trump and the Peaceful Transition of Power - Hallmark of Democracy

We have been studying the Presidential Election for 2016, and it is finally over. The votes are in and the American people through the electoral process elected Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States. 

Class Room Task
1. View each video and then discuss the content of the video.
2.  After you watch all of the videos break up into small groups. Pretend each group is part of the Trump Transition team, and develop some key transition focus points (areas of focus: Diplomatic, Domestic, Information, Legal and Justice, Military, and Economic) for President Trump to successfully take over power.   

Now, Lets look at how this this transition will take place. 

Lets take a look at Hillary Clinton's Concession speech.

Here is President Elect Trump's acceptance speech.

The present President needs to recognize the President Elect as his replacement regardless of the political differences. Here is what President Obama said about candidate Donald Trump during the campaign. 

For background, remember when Trump attended the White  House Correspondent's Dinner in 2015. It was believed that President Obama humiliated Donald Trump so much he chose to run for President. Imagine the irony when President Elect Trump and takes over the country from President Obama....?

Important for President Obama to publicly and positively to accept the newly elected President.

Trump Impact on World Order?

Impact on Supreme Court

Analyze each and synthesize your transition focus points for Trump Team.

Good Luck,

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