Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Period 2 on November 2: Uniform Day and Debate Prep


I will not be in class for Block Two today but here is plan of the Day for your class period:

1. Accountability for Uniform Wear by each Cadet. Teacher will take By Name review of who has their uniform and who does not, regardless of excuses.

2. Watching Presidential Debate Highlights. Watch these debate highlights. our debate is more structured and is not as "Question and Answer" as the Presidential Debates. Here are the highlights from the First, Second, and Third Presidential Debates. Each is 34 minutes long. Take notes of what debating techniques each candidate uses AND do thy personally attack each other or talk about the issues.

3.  Drill Knock Out. In the back of the classroom. Can you lead yourselves or do you need an adult to monitor you to accomplish this...?

4. Your Own Debate Prep. Make sure you load all of your individual debate data on your teams Google Doc. Next class period you will rehearse your Debate portion as a team, checking on the time,quality of speaking parts, and evidence or facts included in YOUR portion of the debate.

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