Tuesday, April 22, 2014


As we prepare to organize into 7th Fleet Naval Task Force Groupings, we are going to conduct some background education into the recovery efforts that follow an aircraft accident and investigation similar to Malaysian Flight 370. This crash investigation is too immature to be able to analyze what happened, so we will look at another crash with more information available.

In a recovery effort over the ocean there are generally a number of factors affecting the search:

  • Flight Plan for the plane (Where the plane is supposed to fly)
  • Radar Flight Path (Where the plane actually flew) to determine when you lost contact with the missing plane. This also helps determine where to start your search. 
  • Once the search is initiated they generally use three methods to find the plane:
    • Visual Sighting (air crews and sea crews looking for survivors or wreckage)
  • Surface Radar: from surface craft and aviation assets to find the survivors or wreckage on the surface of the water..
  • Sonar is used to find the plane or (find flight data recorder)

There was a previous crash Air France 447 that departed from Brazil to France when it crashed. The only way transportation authorities can determine what might have happened to cause the crash is if they recover the remnants of the plane and the flight data recorder which has considerable detailed information. Your mission will be to recover the flight data recorder, but it is important to see how that recovery effort fits into the bigger question,We will watch a video which will give us some background:

This crash and the recovery effort will give your teams some perspective on your upcoming task.           

Recovery Efforts Cost Money   

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