Monday, March 24, 2014


We spent time last week in small groups reviewing the ongoing situation in the Ukraine where Russian troops have occupied key areas in Crimea and Ukrainian military bases. Is this an illegal intrusion by the Russian President Putin or his country merely providing security assistance? The people of Crimea apparently voted for annexation from the Ukraine and desire to be controlled by Russia. We discussed some of the US options (Diplomatic, Informational, Military, and Economic) that could be taken. Many question President Putin's motives and President Obama's leadership? Some say the "cold war has come back" as Russia was previously thought of as a former superpower in decline? It is a very fluid situation that is having a growing impact in the European (NATO) region. What will happen?

Russian Troops in Occupation

US Military Preserving Peace

 Your Individual Public Speaking Assignment is to develop a short speech expressing your individual opinion on:

"Why the United States Should (or Should Not) Get involved in the Crisis Between Russia and Ukraine?" 

TOPIC: Is the Question Above. Pick an opinion and develop your speech.
Time Standard for Speech: 1 minute and thirty seconds (Anything shorter will result in the reduction of your grade)
Contents: Introduction, 3 Main Points Supporting Your Opinion, Conclusion
Monday: Work on Speech in Class, Review and Time Rehearse for Homework. You will be allowed to have a written speech, but it will need to have been rehearsed as homework so you do not merely read it.
Tuesday: Give Speech in Class

Final Comment: A component of being a citizen is being informed by keeping yourself aware of what is going on locally, domestically, and globally. Once you are informed you are responsible to do something about it: talk with peers, let your elected official know what YOU think, vote for candidates that are well informed on the issues, participate in a protest or organize a protest if your government is taking action that you feel is counter to your national interests, etc.

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