Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Mister President I have a Question?

Today President Obama will be speaking a Connecticut Central State University (CCSU) making an announcement about raising the minimum wage. As we are discussing your role as a Citizen, and your rights and responsibilities; one of your rights is to voice your concerns to your elected officials and seek information from them. We are going to practice this freedom of speech this morning. 

Classroom Activity: Take 5 minutes and think about a question you would like to ask the President about a topic you are interested in. Write the question down in your notebook. Then be prepared to share your question with the class and some of your questions will lead to class discussion. 


  1. Period 2 Questions for the President from Students:

    How are you going to fund new technology for schools?

    Why is high school preparing us for the past (by studying history) instead of the future?

    Why is Immigration Reform taking so long?

    Why can't illegal immigrants who risked their lives to come to the US be able to stay?

    With the developing situation in the Ukraine and Russian intervention, why don't we just focus on our own national / domestic issues?

    What kind of new jobs will their be in the future?

    Why is college so expensive when most citizens are middle class and can't afford it?

    What side is the US on in regards to the situation in the Ukraine?

    Where do we stand now with the Affordable Healthcare Act? What is its status?

    Why are you Pro-Life?

    Why don't woman get equal pay, and what are you doing about it?

    Does the Affordable Healthcare act cover mental illness issues as well as it covers physical illness issues? If so, how come therapy is so expensive?

    I have a friend who was rejected or not accepted into a college due to a disability. What can she do about that?

    How could Congress pass a bill before it read that bill (Affordable Healthcare Act)?

    Do you want to please (make them happy) the people OR Do what is best for the people?

    Why did you run for office? What were your motivations?

  2. Period 4 Questions for the President from the Students (Part 1):

    What changes are you considering to improve our country?

    What changes are you making to improve benefits for returning soldiers?

    Besides families on State Aid, why don't you provide food stamps for other struggling families (recently unemployed, etc)?

    What steps are you taking to improve the economy?

    What parts of the military are you cutting?

    Why don't we have a solution for Congress' poor approval rating? What recommendations do you have for improvements in this area?

    What are you doing for citizens who have a lower class income to help them afford college?

    What are the changes to our budget and how will that help our economy?

  3. Period 4: Part

    What are you doing to continue the US's strong international influence?

    Does the increase in the minimum wage mean a raise in taxes?

    What happened in Benghazi? Why was it covered up?

    What is one thing you want to have accomplished by the time you leave the White House?

    Why is it okay for the USSS to use weapons to protect you that citizens can't use to protect themselves?

    What changes are you going to make to the military and how will that effect the economy?