Thursday, May 30, 2013

Student-Cadet Improvement...Making Ourselves Better By Looking At What You or We Don't Do Well

How do we get better at the things we do in life? School? Relationships? Work? Activities?

Often we get caught up in just living the schedule of our day and life without ever stopping and reflecting on HOW  we are performing (good, mediocre, poorand WHY we are performing at that level?  It is a type of "groundhog day" effect which means each day rolls into the next day without any change or day runs into the next. 

Do the following evaluations or selections ever surprise you? 

  • Interim Report 
  • Report Card
  • Making a sports team or a performance team
  • Failing a test or quiz
  • Not receiving a promotion
  • Not being selected for a leadership or management position
  • Not being able to get hired for a job 
Should you be surprised? 

How could you prevent being surprised, in those areas?

Class Activity:
Break Up into small groups (teacher directed) and your group will discuss and record responses to one of the two following questions:

  • What are the SPECIFIC things a student-cadet does or does not do to be unsuccessful in NJROTC?

  • What are the SPECIFIC thing a student-cadet does or does not do to be unsuccessful in school?
We will discuss your collective comments in class afterwards.

Your Homework:

Make an entry on the blog (First name & class period) that is a specific behavior or action which causes you to be less successful in NJROTC and in school in general. 


  1. Nicole 4

    Something i do in NJROTC and in school in general that generally makes me be less successful...
    1. Get distracted by something whether it be a joke in my head or talking to someone in class. this leads me to disrupt the class.
    2. Another thing i do is sometimes I dont do my homework because i forget. And then i feel stupid because it would have been something i could have done in literally two minutes.

    1. Everyone gets distracted from time to time which is merely being human, however, when you start to feel that way FOCUS on something constructive (take out a notebook & take notes, etc.)develop a technique to get yourself on task and stay there.
      Same with a simple homework assignment, knock it out right away and as long as you understand the assignment then be done with it. Angie Sposato said she would complete her homework for a college class on the same day she was assigned it, she didn't wait or schedule it until later. Establish a technique or habit that ensures you get it done.

  2. ana 6
    what make me less successful in njrotc is that i feel really comfortable around my peers so i tend to fool around with them.
    what makes me less successful in general studies is that i get lazy when it comes to homework so i tend to put it aside and do it the next day.

    1. Master yourself is the key to success. Use your concern for those peers as motivation to not distract them (hurt their learning progress) by not fooling around. A quick joke is fine, or talking in the beginning or end of class is the time. Don't degrade the team's learning mission.
      Read my response to Miss Vacas above, knock out homework the same day, make that a habit.

  3. Patrick 2

    The ONE thing that makes me less successful in NJROTC is that I adopt the general consensus to be like every one else from time to time, (ex: "that's too much work," I only care about swag, my friends is where its at, etc.)and this defeats the purpose of ROTC too. This tunnel-visioned mindset restricts my ideas and actions to be egotistical and only caring about my own pride above others (and often at their expense) while not being productive at all. This applies to ROTC and to school in general too. By deviating from the masses' slothful and pernicious "values" and being different to become the best one can be, it can make a huge difference in one's life for good.

    1. Patrick, that was quite the diatribe to merely say "be all that YOU can be" and don't let social distract-ors get you off of your game. Take pride in completing the task and the quality of your work. When I am in "learning mode" nothing & no one will distract me from my learning mission. Mental discipline is the key and it is a habit everyone must hone and develop.

  4. The ONE thing that makes me less successful in NJROTC is getting distracted by my peers when there is joking around or talking.
    another thing is getting so distracted that I forget to do my homework or were uniform

    1. Miss Jeanty, read my above responses to Miss Vacas, Cardenas,and Mister Sanchez about getting distracted in class, completing assignments, and "mastering" yourself. Develop habits and techniques to get yourself re-focused. Develop a habit of laying out your uniform on Tuesday night with everything you need, this way when you wake up Wednesday morning (uniform day) it is ready to wear, no excuse. Remember being successful is developed by choosing small habits that help you get things done.

  5. yes I understand that and thanks for the reminder this I know will help in the future..