Monday, May 13, 2013

Memorial Day Module: Somalia 1993

As we approach Memorial Day, this year we are going to focus on a more recent combat operation, Operation GOTHIC SERPENT in October 1993 in Somalia. Above is the Medal of Honor Citation awarded to Master Sergeant Gary Gordon (as well as his fellow sniper Randall Shugart), 1st SFOD posthumously for their actions on that day.

Reference A: A quick synopsis of the Operation is included here (check this out on your own):
Operation Gothic Serpent Wikipedia

Reference B: For a more formal version of the operation go to the Army Historical Branch version:
US Army in Somalia

We will start this module by reading the above citation that I want you to consider the price paid by American fighting men and woman everyday. With less than 1% of the American population serving in the military and of that 1% an even smaller number of those serviceman serving in a combat environment, it is important for you as an informed and involved citizen to be aware of their sacrifice for our freedom.

Let's get oriented to Somalia to gain some perspective on the country, the people, the politics, and the environment, here is a short video:

Reference C1: 1992 1993 Starvation in Somalia
Reference C2  (Post 1993 Anti-Americanism)

Reference D: Now let's review The Battle of The Black Sea by watching the following documentary:

History Channel Black Hawk Down

We will watch the movie: Black Hawk Down and present our upperclassmen battle studies and Memorial Day remembrances based upon that operation and the bravery, heroism, and sacrifice made that day.

Reference EBlack Hawk Down (The Movie)

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