Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Political Correctness,,,What Is It?

As we are into the Presidential Nomination process, one of the terms we often hear about is the term "political correctness". So many opposing views...so many differences of opinion...how do you know what is the truth or what you should believe in?

Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. Which party, and for that matter which candidate has the right plan, abilities, and answers to the problems that our country is facing. 

What does the term political correctness mean?  Lets watch a video: Does Free Speech Offend You?

Can you give some examples of what political correctness is or is not?

How does the concept of political correctness factor into politics. 

What is the opposite of political correctness... Candor or Candor Opinions. 

Lets watch this video:  Candor In the Workplace

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