Monday, June 1, 2015

2015 Upperclassmen NJROTC Final Exam

Purpose: The purpose of this final examination for Upperclassmen (9,10,11 graders) Cadets is to create a product that will have relevance to your plans this summer to prepare you for next year both professionally and personally. You should be able to use what you learn from this examination during your summer and to help you attain goals in the future.

Pre-Exam Preparation: Spend time prior to the exam analyzing your summer, consider the below factors (feel free to add any more you feel are relevant) and develop (synthesize) your summer plan.

Summer Tasks:
  • Work
    • How can you earn money this summer?
    • Where, Doing What, Hours, Salary
  • Volunteer / Community Service
    • Where can you perform community service or volunteer?
    • Where, When, For Whom
  • Exercise and Health
    • President’s Physical Fitness Program
    • Other Physical Activity of Your Choice
  • Relax / Vacation
    • Traveling (with family if possible)
    • Stay-cation: Day Trips from home
  • Professional Development
    • College Prep: Generic College Essay
    • Check Out Colleges Online (Which Ones)
    • College Tour (Local or while on Vacation)
    • SAT / ACT Prep (How, Where?)
  • Personal Development
    • Family Relationships
      • Parents and Guardians
      • Siblings (Brothers & Sisters)
      • Other Relatives
    • Friend Relationships
  • Reading (What Books?)
    • Select two Books You Want To Read This Summer that will assist in your personal or professional development.

Your Final Exam: Using your pre-exam preparation, you are required to conduct two graded tasks (one written task prior to the exam and one verbal task during the exam):
  • Pre-Exam Task: Complete a detailed two to three page 2015 Personal Summer Plan and turn it in at the beginning of the class period during the scheduled exam to the SNSI.
    • List and explain all of the specific tasks (Work, Volunteer / Community Service, Exercise and Health, Relax/Vacation, Professional, Personal, Reading) you plan to perform.
    • Place all of these specific tasks on a calendar. You will use this calendar during the Exam Task.   
  • Exam Task: Using your 2015 Personal Summer Plan, and associated calendar brief the SNSI on your personal plan for the summer. Ensure you address not only the summer tasks but specifically how you plan to accomplish them and when by using the calendar.  

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