Friday, February 7, 2014


As we approach the upcoming change of command it is a time for reflection on the development of your leadership and followership skills. We are going to review the Eleven Leadership Principles listed in your CADET REFERENCE MANUAL (Second Edition) on page 19. 

11 Navy Leadership Principles

There are 11 Leadership Principles and 14 Leadership Traits. What is the difference between a principle and a trait?

Class Activities

  1. Read page 19 yourself.
  2. Teacher forms you into groups in class: 

    1. Discuss & review as a group the 11 Leadership Principles.
    2. Come up with one specific example for each principle that a cadet leader could exhibit which support it.  

Let us watch a two videos about the leadership traits and principles: 

18 minute Video on the 14 Leadership Traits: 

44 Minute Talk about Leadership:

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