Monday, December 2, 2013

How is the POTUS Doing?

How is President Barack Obama doing as our President? 

1. Form into 5 person small groups.

2. Determine in your groups opinion how POTUS is doing both domestically and in foreign affairs?

3. Use all of the resources you have available.

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  1. SNSI Group Observation: Period 2 formed into "friends" groups. They knew their pairings weren't optimal for getting work done, but they chose them anyway. Discussion started with socializing, those with electronic devices took them out (which was permissible for work). One student asked the teacher "should we be writing this down. Only two of the three groups took out a piece of paper to write anything down, the remaining students had nothing on their desks to draft ideas, develop opinions, capture their or anyone else's thoughts. The groups typically waited for someone with a "smart device" to find informational gold or deliver information so THEN they could start working...Waiting game, waiting on the device, or the ability of the person to virtually search properly....