Thursday, November 14, 2013

High School and Innovation... What Could The Future Hold

Cadet Keen at US Navy  Sub School

As we finished the movie, October Sky, we saw how Homer Hickam, who came from humble beginnings, but had a passion for rocketry. He and his fellow "Rocket Boys" developed the ability to plan, design, and launch rockets. They accomplished this at a time where many of the countries in the world at that time could not accomplish what they did in a poor West Virginia coal mining community. 

As we reflect on our focus on innovation (STEM-Social topics), student creativity (passion and interest), and increased "student centered learning" let us take a look at the future. 

Watch this video about Innovation High  

Classroom Assignment to be completed by the beginning of your class period on Monday, November 18

1. Watch all three videos (33 mins in total): 

Video 1. Innovation High School (above video / 22 minutes)  

Video 2. Watch the video: Invisible Bike Helmet from Sweden  (3.5 mins)

Video 3. Watch the video:  How Gardening Involves Interdisciplinary Learning (7 mins)

2. After watching the videos, make a blog entry (Comments section) commenting on the following: 

A. How Brien McMahon could move more towards innovative learning in the near future? ( Make specific recommendations)

B. What have YOU  learned about innovation so far?

C. What have you learned about yourself from working on your Big Idea project so far...?

Ensure your comment blog entry addresses all three areas listed (A,B, C) above after watching the videos (Videos 1,2,3). 

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  1. Amahd Young Period 2
    A. Brien McMahon could move more towards innovative learning in the future by allowing everyone to follow a different efficient learning system that'll be easy for everyone like less periods in a day and the same routines. Technology can also be a big part of innovative learning by using more technical devices in classes like iPads for English or electronic books. Brien McMahon can start using innovative learning slowly, but efficiently using technology and more consistent schedules.

    B.I learned that innovation is the process of change or a breakthrough in something. Innovation can be used for mostly anything that involves improving or starting an idea and is efficient to most people if it is carried out correctly.

    C. While working on my Big Idea project I have learned that my ideas can be put to good use to help others improve on their product and that my ideas can be useful once I stick with them. This Big Idea project also taught me that one day I might be able to be an advertiser for my profession as a backup to what I want to peruse as a career.