Wednesday, October 24, 2012

RAISING THE BAR on Our BMHS Cadet Program


We started the school year off with reviewing our strengths and weaknesses from academic school year 2011 to 2012. The JROTC Instructors continually assess and re-assess the status of our program (from last year, over the summer, and during the beginning of this new school year) with the goal of continually improving WHAT we are doing and HOW we are doing it.

Observations of Last Year: Our Shortcomings
  • Questionable Upperclassmen performers & weak senior class (32)
  • Lack of Participation in Community Service (20 % vs 80%)
  • Inconsistent Drill Performance (Lack of Commitment in Practice)
  • Substandard Personal Behavior & Professional Conduct
  • Poor attendance at Memorial Day Parade (58 out of 120)
  • Lack of Parental & Cadet Participation and Support
  • Fundraising: Captains of Comedy Night. We barely broke even, minimal tickets sold.
Raising The Bar This Year: Fixing Our Shortcomings
  • Increased Academic Rigor
    • Improved Homework, Research, Writing Assignments
    • Balance of Individual Assignments and Group Activities
    • Improved Uniform Compliance & Inspection Program
  • Increased Community Service and Unit Participation
    • 2.5 community service hours a Marking Period to attain a grade of A
    • Instructor promoted but Parent Supported & Supervised Events
  • Cadets & Parents Are The Key To Fundraising
    • Band Parents approach to Cadet Parents Group. Quarterly Meetings of Higher Quality.
    • Parent & Cadet Centric Fundraising
  • Improve Health and Physical Fitness
    • Use President's Physical Fitness Challenge

We need to revisit these efforts listed above throughout the year every marking period to ensure we are improving in a focused manner. Let me know what you think about how we are doing...?

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